5 Ways Your Life Transforms When You Go Mucus-Free


Last Fall I learned about a way of living that would shake up my world and set me on an entirely new life trajectory. It’s called “Mucus-Free Living,” and this is how it all unfolded for me.

It was a sunny Fall morning and I had just sat down with my latte, ready to browse the social media-verse and see what news story would catch my eye.

I saw that a friend of mine had invited me to a closed detoxification group. The name of the group at the time was “Quantum Leaping Through Plasmatic Cellular Detoxification,” a daunting name to say the least, but I accepted the invitation and scrolled down to see what it was all about.

The first thing that popped up was a video of a woman speaking on the subject of detoxification. Her name was Alexandra Schwenn.

She had these striking blue eyes, skin that glowed like the sun, and she spoke with a South-African/German accent that was as cute as it was elegant. It was apparent that she was well-versed on the topic to which she was speaking about; even more apparent was her presence and natural vitality. I wanted to know what her youthful secrets were so I continued watching.

As she shared her personal story and knowledge about how to detox the body, she kept referring to the words, “mucus-free living” and a “mucusless diet.”

I was intrigued and disgusted at the same time.

“What is this ‘mucus’ she’s speaking about? And what does it have to do with detoxification?” I wondered.

Arnold Ehret was a 19th-century Naturopath who developed “The Mucusless Diet Healing System,” a lifestyle which avoids the consumption of cooked foods and returns its practitioner to a diet of eating raw fruits and vegetables. His system has healed thousands of terminally ill patients and is still practiced today by some of the world’s most notable detoxification experts.

I typed the words into Google and discovered the work of a 19th-century German doctor named Arnold Ehret. His magnum opus was a book called “The Mucusless Diet Healing System,” a cult classic that had survived the test of time through the efforts of our generation’s more notable detoxification experts.

Ehret was a naturopath who believed humans should live in accordance with the laws of nature. Since no other animal on the planet cooks their own food, Ehret believed that mankind’s habit of consuming these foods is the reason we’ve become so sick and disconnected from our divinity.

The excerpt from the book described a fundamental cause to all disease—a slimy, glue-like substance in the body called mucus. This mucus, Ehret writes, is formed in our body when we consume foods our physiology was not designed to eat, i.e., anything cooked. This includes animal products, grains, and processed foods. I learned that the mucus acts as a protective layer against the acid-forming foods which our body cannot fully digest and assimilate, and as it moves through the compacted folds of our gut, the mucus sticks to our intestinal walls.

After years of consuming mucus-forming foods, the mucus hardens layer by layer, becoming host to various pathogens and toxins while clogging up our various eliminative organs, such as the colon, kidneys, and lymphatic system.

Without anywhere for our toxins to go, they get absorbed by our tissues, organs, and cells, causing our body to slowly shut down, eventually leading to the many disease labels we know today.

In his book, Ehret shared what he learned during his time running a detox-centre in Europe, during which he cured thousands of terminally-ill patients through his strategic protocols of fasting and a mucus-free diet—primarily on raw fruits and vegetables.

While Ehret’s work was, and still is, controversial, after reading his books I couldn’t let down his theories. Even though I knew his ideas would seem radical to most, that they would challenge many of the prominent health and nutrition paradigms today, there was a deep resonance with the idea of returning to our most primal nature and consuming foods in the same way the as the rest of the animal kingdom.

On the heels of reading through Ehret’s books, I then discovered the work of Dr. Robert Morse, a world-renowned detoxification expert whose protocols were largely inspired by Ehret. In his book, The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, Dr. Morse pointed back to the sole cause of mankind’s ailments—our deviation from eating species-specific foods.

Dr. Morse shined light on how our physiology has evolved from the primate family, and that by nature the primate family are frugivores. This means that the human body is primarily an alkaline engine that runs most efficiently on raw fruits and vegetables, and that by going against this natural blueprint and eating acid-forming foods, such as animal products and refined grains, we cause our internal chemistry to go amuck.

Dr. Roberts Morse wrote the book, “The Detox Miracle Sourcebook,” a comprehensive guide to cellular detoxification. His protocols primarily use raw fruit, vegetables and herbs to remove toxins from our cells and rebalance our organs, tissues and glandular system.

Dr. Morse made the same assertion as Ehret—healing any disease comes down to eating less while eating a diet that is primarily raw fruits and vegetables (alkaline). Once we do this, Morse says, so begins the body’s process of detoxification and cellular regeneration.

After finishing both Ehret’s and Morse’s books my world was turned upside down. I suddenly had an entirely new way of looking at nutrition and disease, and with this new knowledge I knew I couldn’t go back.

I returned to Alexandra Schwenn’s detox group and began diving into her videos. Here I discovered a community of people who were moving through the process of transforming their health with the mucus-free healing system. I was amazed at what people were reporting.

I quickly realized that the process of cellular detoxification was more than just a diet change. Removing obstruction and toxicity in the body at a cellular level resulted in a complete transformation of mind, body, and spirit, and Alex was a walking example of this.

I learned that the majority of our habits around eating are disordered and addictive, that we cover up our emotional trauma through cooked foods and stimulants, that everything we eat affects our consciousness to a shocking degree, and that all of these areas are addressed and healed during the process of cellular detoxification.

I learned that by eating heavier, mucus-forming foods, we are keeping ourselves from experiencing natural states of bliss and joy by keeping our physical, emotional, and spiritual channels blocked.

Most inspiring of all was that Ehret, Dr. Morse and Alexandra all promised the same thing—after putting in the work to properly detox the body, we inherently become a new person on all levels, one with incredible vitality who no longer has to fear becoming sick or aging in the way we are taught to believe is a ‘natural part of life.’

And that was all I needed to hear.

At that point I couldn’t go back to not knowing. My soul would not allow me to ignore what I learned. I knew there was a higher quality of living and vitality that was only a choice way.

So, two months ago I began my journey of living mucus-free, and it’s been the biggest awakening in my life so far.

Below are five ways in which my life has changed since transitioning into a mucus-free lifestyle.

1) I experience a consistent level of inner peace and joy.

I began my mucus-free journey with a three day juice fast. On the third day I noticed something within me had shifted. I felt lighter, not just in my body but in my mind.

It was like a heavy weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and suddenly I was floating around my house with a smile across my face. I could feel a new life force running through my blood, but it wasn’t the stimulated surge of energy I would normally feel after drinking a coffee. There was no anxiousness, but rather a cool, peaceful settling.

I noticed I was laughing more with my partner, and my usual mood swings had ceased. My head felt clear for the first time in so long. To me, this direct experience was the ultimate proof that whatever I was doing was working.

I’ve learned that food, without a doubt, affects our consciousness. Non-obstructive foods allow peace and joy to move through us with ease. On the opposite end, obstructive, mucus-forming foods block these channels and keep our life force stagnant. It’s as simple as that.

2) My body changed rapidly.

Naturally one would expect to lose weight when fasting and switching to a primarily raw diet, but I was shocked at how fast it all happened.

While I’ve always been a small guy, there was always a layer of fat around my lower belly that never seemed to go away, no matter how much I exercised. But as soon I began the detoxification process, particularly when I introduced dry fasting and colonic irrigation (which are both a crucial part of transitioning to a mucus-free diet), my belly fat melted within a few weeks.

An old picture of me prior to going mucus-free.

And not just belly fat, but fat in all places. I suddenly had to get used to an entirely new me, which was difficult in the beginning. I always tried to fight my natural blueprint by lifting weights and consuming a high-calorie diet. I had an idea of what my body should look like (just as most are conditioned to believe), and I felt like I was at war every day fighting what my body wanted to be. So when I lost fifteen pounds within a month’s time, there was an initial adjustment period.

Me after two months of living mucus-free.

Since then, I’ve embraced and fallen in love with my new body. This is in large part due to my shift in mindset around weight, muscle, and fat. What most don’t realize is that the extra weight we carry isn’t just fat or muscle, it’s mostly toxic waste which we’ve accumulated and packed away over the years.

When I got out of my body’s way and opened its eliminative channels, my body released all of that excess waste as if it had been waiting to get rid of it for years.

This new mindset has helped me to accept my body’s changes. Whatever way your physical vessel changes when you transition to mucus-free, it’s important to remind yourself that your body is doing exactly what it needs to do to find balance, whether that’s holding onto weight or releasing it. Trust and surrender are so important during this process.

Furthermore, I’ve been told by people who have been practicing this lifestyle for many years that once the body has been completely stripped down and cleansed on a cellular level, it begins to rebuild itself with healthy, lean muscle. And knowing what I know now, I’d much prefer my muscle to be built from raw whole foods rather than dead, overcooked foods.

3) My relationship to self has deepened.

Perhaps most profound out of all the changes that have taken place is how my relationship to self has deepened.

Removing obstruction in my body has allowed me to become attuned to my physicality and my inner fire in a more intimate manner.

I’ve noticed that I experience so many new arisings each day, teachings about myself and others in my life, because the space has finally opened up for more presence and contemplation.

This process has also guided to me to develop healthy, spiritual practices like kundalini yoga. Every morning I look forward to starting my day by going inward and connecting to my body. This relationship to self is really the ultimate relationship, and dedicating time to be with myself each day has been rewarding in so many ways.

The way I see it is like this: Mucus, toxicity, obstruction, whatever you call it, acts as a wall between your true self and your false self. Once this wall is removed, you make contact with the true you. You become aware of a new strength and beauty that has been awakened, and this allows you to love yourself more deeply. And what spells self love more than choosing to heal your body?

4) My purpose has presented itself more clearly.

To say my purpose has shifted since going mucus-free is an understatement.

Before discovering this new way of life, I was living in a space of uncertainty. After two years of planning and writing a novel, I hit a roadblock. I just couldn’t do it anymore. My soul was crying for something new. And as I felt my old world crumbling around me I slipped into a depression.

My heart yearned for a new calling, yet nothing I tried felt right.

Soon after I discovered mucus-free living and all of this changed.

The positive shifts I experienced were so noticeable that I knew others had to know about it. A light bulb went off within me, and for the first time in a long time I felt I had a story to share and a voice that was worthy of sharing it.

This became my new purpose. I decided I was going to share my cellular detoxification journey with the world as honestly and vulnerably as I could. And this new purpose is something I’m grateful for every day.

5) The pain of my past has resurfaced to heal.

One of the biggest challenges and blessings of the detoxification process is how the pain from our past resurfaces. It happens out of nowhere. I’ll be going about my day eating fruit, and then suddenly an old memory hits me. This happened to me recently during a solo walk through the woods.

I was fruit fasting, watching the sun rays gleaming through the trees, when suddenly a memory of my childhood popped into my head. One of my favourite pass times as a kid was going to the corner store with a few dollars in my pocket and spending it on candy. My family was fairly poor so getting a bit of change to spend on candy was an affordable way for my mom to get me out of the house.

Me on on my 4th birthday; eating junk food became an addictive habit for me at an early age. As I grew older this habit became an emotional crutch that paved way to much of my disordered eating as an adult.

But as I remembered all of these times that I went to the store to buy candy I was hit with grief. I saw that I was really eating poison at an early age, that I was already forming my addiction to refined sugars and putting my happiness into that sweet rush, and that no one around me had the awareness of what was actually taking place. I let the memory and emotions move through me, and it lifted soon after, but these are the kinds of memories and emotions that can arise during detox.

The way it’s been described to me is that our cells carry memories stored deep within their metabolic matrix. Often time these memories are painful ones, which get stuffed down when we eat to cover up our discomfort.

Think back to a time when you were in an uncomfortable setting, such as a family gathering, a public outing, the school lunch room, and think about how you used food, alcohol or stimulants as a buffer for your discomfort. This is what we all do every day, whether we are conscious of it or not.

The moment we wake up we go straight for our water, coffee, tea, or food. It’s our comfort, our source of stimulation. The moment we have that something our body and mind immediately sink, “ahhh.” But when we don’t have these things to reach for, suddenly there is space for anything to arise, and for most of us there is a lot waiting.

During detoxification, as we take away these vices and begin to burn our fat cells, we dislodge these buried emotions and they rise to the surface for us to feel. Sometimes it’s joy, sometimes its pain, but the blessing of it all is that once we feel these emotions we no longer have to carry them.

This is what cellular detox is about—going inwards and releasing all of the ‘shit’ that doesn’t serve us, whether that’s physical waste or emotional baggage. It is the true gift of the process, the freedom we all seek.

Does mucus-free living and cellular detoxification speak to you?

As you can see from what I’ve shared, moving through the process of cellular detoxification and living mucus-free is so much more than a shift in diet.

It is a complete physical, emotional, and spiritual reset. An awakening of your truest self, an acquisition of your highest potential. It brings all of your pain and weaknesses to the surface, and forces you to look at your shit to release it once and for all. For these reasons it isn’t for everyone, only for those brave enough to peel back the curtain and see what is lying underneath. It often isn’t pretty, and it requires a commitment that goes beyond the average ‘detox’ we hear about today.

But what I can say for those who are ready to do the work is that living mucus-free is a way to experience this life in its entirety—the joy, the bliss, the presence, the connection to love—all of the aspects of embodied living that are waiting for us when we simply choose to let go.

And we all deserve that much.

In love,


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  1. Eating cooked foods are better than raw because they have the fire element in them which helps with digestion and assimilation. Once two processes are working properly, detox is not needed for the most part.

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